Menção Honrosa

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Kinté Non
Kinté Non
Em 2022, na pequena cidade de São Tomé, a adolescente Ísis vê a mãe ser assassinada pelo pai. Anos depois Ísis torna se vítima de violência doméstica, mas consegue escapar desta tortura e volta a apaixonar se...
Mãe Pretinha
Black Mother
"Black Mother" is the symbol of the popular. A tradition rooted in those who often have no other way to cook their food. The symbolism and contradiction of the expression “Black Mother educated everyone” is that it refers to childhood, especially for those excluded from an increasingly unequal society, where many are entitled to only one meal a day. We are equal in rights and duties. However, different in privileges. The short filme “Black Mother” tells the story of many Cape Verdean children whose only daily hot meal is the School Canteens Program in Cape Verde and shows how this memory can mark a child’s life.
Daniel e Daniela
Daniel & Daniela
With the taste of a road movie, the film explores themes such as equality, racism, colonial history, and Africa's development. Across a dialogue that evolves throughout a journey between a father aged 84 (Daniel) and a daughter aged 12 (Daniela), this film is as much about a legacy as it is an ode to love of culture.
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