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Mãe Pretinha
Black Mother
"Black Mother" is the symbol of the popular. A tradition rooted in those who often have no other way to cook their food. The symbolism and contradiction of the expression “Black Mother educated everyone” is that it refers to childhood, especially for those excluded from an increasingly unequal society, where many are entitled to only one meal a day. We are equal in rights and duties. However, different in privileges. The short filme “Black Mother” tells the story of many Cape Verdean children whose only daily hot meal is the School Canteens Program in Cape Verde and shows how this memory can mark a child’s life.
Sonho de narrador
Sportscaster's dream
Zeca lives on the island of São Nicolau, Cape Verde. He comes from a humble family and his biggest dream is to become a sports commentator. Will he be able to fulfil this dream despite all adversities?
Jua Kali
Jua Kali
Diana and her colleagues skillfully perform their cleaning duties against the backdrop of their privileged Nairobi clients’ private struggles and shenanigans. But the work is also taking a toll on Diana’s body.
Contos de uma cidade acidental
Tales of the Accidental City
Four Nairobi residents find themselves stuck together in an anger management class after being accused by the courts of various misdemeanours. Diana, Jacinda, Louis Njoroge, and Sarah Obama must explain what got them there, and with the help of their quirky counsellor, find a way to heal their wounds.
Surf Próprio
Surf Próprio
O nascimento e ascensão da primeira geração de surfistas de São Tomé – das pranchas de madeira aos Campeonatos Mundiais de Surf de Juniores.
FROM TRASH TO TREASURE: turning negatives into positives in Lesotho
FROM TRASH TO TREASURE: turning negatives into positives in Lesotho
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