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Tracks : Percursos

20 min

Country: ANGOLA

Language: pt-PT

Genre: Documentary

Category: Documentary

Competition: International

Production Year: 2017

Director: Mauro Pereira

Producer: Mauro Pereira

Cast: Sulângelo Moreira...

age restriction: M12

Awards/Festivals: PLATEAU - Cape Verde International Film Festival Paria Cape Verde November 22, 2017 Official Selection FESTin - Itinerant Portuguese Language Film Festival Lisbon Portugal March 4, 2018 Official Selection Afrykamera Varsóvia Poland April 22, 2018 Official Selection "Tracks" is the documentary to be awarded by Angola, of the PALOP-TL Short Course Contest Program for Portuguese-speaking African Countries - East Timor / European Union (PALOP-TL / EU), to celebrate the 25 years of cooperation between the PALOP-TL / EU Program.

3 years ago